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Jolly Town

Moyo means ‘happy’, and since 2014, we have been creating memorable experiences all over London. From market stalls, festivals, hipster venues, you name it – and now you can order our delicious food to your door via our new takeaway service. 

Due to Covid-19, we have had to reshape a little, but now you can make new memories in the comfort of your own home – just in time for snuggling season.


We promise the freshest produce and ingredients while giving you a flavourful feast every time. Order now and give your dinner time the Moyo Factor.

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''The City's Best Suya''

Suya is a spicy meat skewer which is a popular in West Africa. Our Suya is the most ordered item on our site. The way we barbeque the meat makes for a tender and succulent affair – our Suya melts in your mouth.

Try our Suya for yourself – call to order 




Diversity and colour place Nigeria on the food main stage. Moyo London brings bursts of flavours and aromas to the vibrant culinary scene of the capital. 

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''The Finest Nigerian Take-Out''


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We celebrate the cultural variety that shapes Nigeria delivering fresh, tasty and homely food to your door. Each culture brings a special note to a dish and, at Moyo, we celebrate them all.

​Nigerian food is popular for its use of spices, herbs, and oils such as groundnut. These condiments are used to create exotic sauces and soups, which are known for being spicy. Our customers love a nice little palate kick!